Scaresdale Manor Haunt 2013

Here’s a few photos from our Scaresdale Manor haunt for this year, featuring one of our new window animations.
Front gate


Scaremation sign

Gorewall animation

Gorewall animation ending


We hope everyone had a great Halloween!  Over here, the weather was merciful (although still traditionally drizzly).  Thanks to all our customers and supporters for making this a great year!


GoreWall Is Alive!

GoreWall is now available in our store!  Finally done!  Enjoy!

That was an oddly challenging audio mix, as well as a surprisingly tricky visual edit as well!  I battled with it for quite a while, but then finally struck gold.

The YouTube preview video of it is pretty badly compressed (…%#@&!) , but it should give you the basic idea.  The actual animation looks better!  I have to look into how to get better quality preview videos.  That will be one of a few items on our list for improving things for the next year… including us considering doing HD animations.

So, that wraps up our animation for 2013!  I’m a wreck.. I was working on that one until the last minute… and then jumped back in and worked on it some more!  Now, I’m finally satisfied, and nervously released it.  I think it turned out well, and I hope you guys get a kick out of it!

Once I know things are going fine here, I think I may hibernate for a day or two.  That was a long, tough year, as far as the animations go.  Oddly enough, I’m eager to start experimenting with some new ideas and techniques for next year… just not right this minute!  ;)  Now, I finally get to relax and enjoy doing nothing for a while… I hope.  I’m sure I’ll be tinkering away again in a few days!

I hope everyone has a really excellent Halloween!


Dive Into The Wall!


At long last, our second animation for 2013 is done!  I’m packaging it up, and prepping all the related stuff, and it’ll be available later today!

This one is a churning, pulsating, quivering mass of gross, which I’m sure will put a smile on the face of many of the more twisted haunters! This one should look pretty special full-size in a window or wall!

Check in later today, and it should be ready to order!

Fear The Wall…


I’m currently still working on the audio, as well as my inevitable tweeks to the visuals, but it’s coming very soon.  The rainy weather over here has provided me with my traditional barometric pressure headache, so things are a bit of a challenge, but I’m still feeling good about a release early this week.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our fellow Canadians!

That’s Just Nasty What’s Happening Right There…

Finally back to work on the next animation… What a week! Among the many things side-tracking me in the last few days, was an FX shot suddenly dropped in my lap, out of the blue, where I slash open a guy’s gut as he’s hit with a machete! Oooo, ya!

The new animation is looking really great… and as I’ve said before, the key word here is NASTY!  Anyone hoping for an animation that is sweet, endearing, filled with wacky and loveable characters, and general whimsy… you might as well move on!  If, on the other hand, you want stomach-turning nastiness… I think I may make your day!

As usual, as I try to get this done as quick as possible and into your hands, I’m thinking of more and more stuff to add, and adding more and more detail!  ARGH!  I’m setting a deadline, though, so you’ll be seeing this by mid month.  Going to lock all the doors, close all the windows, and chain myself to the workstation…

(…so, you may see me type desperate requests for a hack saw from time to time.)

Once things are getting fairly close, I’ll tease you with an image or two.

Sounds Bad…

Sorry guys, I’m going to have to cancel the ambient audio thing.  I’m still hoping to get the next animation out for you in reasonable time, but some stuff just dropped in my lap (plus an ongoing migraine over the last few days).  Things are a bit scattered.  Luckily, one of the things that dropped in my lap is a potentially wicked television project.

I’m going to see what I can do.  I think the first task is to buy some Advil, so I’ll actually be able to see straight, and address some of these other tasks.

At least I got Parlour 2 out…  Again, thanks for the support, and sorry if I let anyone down.

Sounds Good…

Hello again!  Well, I survived the year-long production and final release of Mansion Parlour 2, and am busy trying to get some more stuff to you guys for this year!

Over the years, we have been getting compliments and interest in the audio in some of our animations, and so now I’m considering making some of my custom ambient tracks available for purchase.  These would be new ones that haven’t been heard before, created originally for our own haunt, Scaresdale Manor.

So, I’m seeing if I can set that up, and if all goes well, they should be available in the next few days.

As well, a second animation, which I’ve been working on since last Halloween, is currently getting finished up, so expect to see it in the next week or two (…I hope!).  I’m trying to get that out as soon as I can, but inevitably, I find myself experimenting with new things to add!


As usual, stay tuned here (or on our Facebook page), for updates.  Thanks for the compliments and purchases so far!

Finally! The First Of The 2013 Animations!

In celebration of our third year in business (Woo-hoo! Thanks, guys!), we proudly present our first 2013 offering…

Mansion Parlour 2 (Deluxe Anniversary Edition!)… the ‘spiritual’ successor to the popular animation that started it all for us here at Scaremation!


We took the 3D room model we built for the original 2011 animation, dramatically improved and refined it with more props and detailed visual effects… completely replacing all the old animation with loads of brand new events and characters, creating a totally new and updated revisiting of the popular haunted residence!


-Over Twice The Length Of The Original! (An event-packed 8 1/2 minutes!)

-Over 25 New Events! (New characters and critters, as well as some of the original characters from the pre-Scaremation home version we used at our Scaresdale Manor haunt!)

-Dramatically Refined And Improved Visual Effects And Details! (Fog, floating dust, cobwebs, randomly evolving shafts of light and other cool optical effects!)

-Completely New Atmospheric Audio Track! (Thunder, wind, creaks, impacts, screams and insane laughter!)

-Rats, Ravens, Maggots and Coffin Goo!


The original Mansion Parlour has served us very well, but as our library grows, it’s time to move forward.  So…

At the end of 2013, the original Parlour Mansion will be retired from the catalog.

H o w e v e r ! . . .

While it remains for its final year, we are going to offer the original Mansion Parlour for over 50% off the original price!  So, if you were previously interested in getting it, but held off for whatever reason, now is your chance to buy it at a great discount before it vanishes into the night!

(To the customers who just bought the original Mansion Parlour since January 1, 2013 at its original price,… don’t worry, we got your back!  Watch for an email from us!)


I’m going to take a short break for the day, and then jump back into work finishing up our second animation offering for 2013, and hopefully get it out to you in the next week or so!  Please keep checking in here, or on our Facebook page, for further updates… and maybe more!

Both Parlour animations are available on our Products page.