About Us

SCAREMATION creates Halloween display animation. The movies can be projected through windows, on walls, or played on your favourite media device or monitor (see our FAQ for details). All of the contributing artists have experience in TV / Feature Film animation and VFX, having worked on high profile projects.

It was started by friends Andrew ‘Spanky’ Grant , an animator and Halloween enthusiast, and Larry ‘Laer’ Adlon, an artistic jack-of-all-trades, after the animations they created for Andrew’s home haunt, Scaresdale Manor, received enthusiastic reaction by the visitors. In 2011, they opened up Scaremation, and made the animations available to the public, updating their product library each year.

Here’s a list of our current contributing artists and their websites, so you can see their other works!

Larry ‘Laer’ Adlon of Laer Digital Works ( www.laerworks.com )
- IMDB.com page: ( www.imdb.com/name/nm0004420/ )
- YouTube page: ( www.youtube.com/user/ladlon )
- LinkedIn page: ( ca.linkedin.com/pub/larry-adlon/1/459/33b )

Jeff Ullman ( www.jullman.com )
- LinkedIn page: ( www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreyjullman )

Andrew ‘Spanky’ Grant
- Home haunt ( www.scaresdale-manor.com )
- LinkedIn page ( ca.linkedin.com/in/spankygrant )